What is Jio4GVoice?

Jio4GVoice is an app designed for all the Jio SIM users. Jio provides free calling and SMS service to any number, Jio4GVoice makes it easy for most of the Jio SIM users to take full advantage of this offer on their smart phones. Jio4GVoice is available for both android and iOS devices.

As you know all the Jio SIM users get 100 free SMS per day and unlimited voice calls on any phone number but there is a catch to this offer. Only people who have 4G VOLTE phones can avail this offer and have 100 SMS and free voice call option on their phone without using any third party app. Jio4GVoice is an app that sort of works like an add on VOLTE feature on all the 4G phones which do not have VOLTE. You can download Jio4GVoice on your phone and you will then be able to make calls to any phone number with your Jio number for free. Jio4GVoice uses your internet connection to make calls so please make sure you have good network coverage for smooth calling experience. Jio4GVoice will work as a dialer but it also has other features.

Jio4GVoice can also work as a very useful messaging app. You can use Jio4GVoice to send offline text messages to any phone number in India as their offer. The limit is 100 text messages per day. You can send stickers as well in the text messages and if the other person has Jio4GVoice as their default messaging app then it will be a lot more fun.

You can also make video calls using Jio4GVoice app on your phone to others who also have this app installed on their phone. Most default android dialers have the feature of video calling absent from their phones except some high end android devoices but with Jio4GVoice you get the video calling feature on every phone.

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