JioTV – Download JioTV App for Android & iOS

JioTVJioTV offers shows in several languages so the user may have the best experience while watching. JioTV lets you set reminders for upcoming shows or programs you don’t want to miss on. While watching on JioTV you can use the Lock feature so you can watch your favorite shows without any disturbance. There are rewind and forward options also available and you can simply swipe right or left to watch the next or previous channel, JioTV even has a mini player feature so you can multitask while watching your favourite shows, it gives you the freedom to pause and play TV channels at any moment, these are just some of the features that JioTV provides. now you can never miss a show with JioTV as you can have access to all the prime shows, aired in the past 7 days.

Jio has been dominating the market and has made many other companies drop their rates in terms of providing data services at much lesser prices, and it is not stopping there, Jio has introduced a new app ‘JioTV’ which allows instant access to almost all the TV programs. You can watch TV anywhere in your mobile device with this app. You can download JioTV on Android and iOS devices.Now you can search programmes from 400+ channels spread across 10+ genres and 15+ languages TV channels with JioTV and share your favourite programmes in your social network.

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MyJio App Download for Android

MyJioMyJio app is a control center of Jio based actions in the device. MyJio allows you control all the required things for the Jio related actions. MyJio application is one stop solution for all Jio telecom-related activities such tracking usage, recharging the device and view the balances etc.

Reliance Jio is growing aggressively and the reach it has got in the Indian telecom sphere is immense and the growth has not stopped anyway sooner.  The main advantage of the Jio in Indian market is going data-centric making it easily adaptable for the youth of the country.

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Download Jio4GVoice for iOS 11.3


Jio4GVoice for iOS 11.3

Jio4GVoice app is a must to have in your device is you’re a Jio user. For starters the Jio4GVoice replaces your calling and texting app and lets you do both from a single app once you provide the necessary permissions, it allows you to make calls, send messages and you can video call your friends and family for free. Jio4GVoice takes up very less space on your device and is very easy to use, with the number of Jio users getting increased by the day, the developers keep on updating the app to make sure to fix the bugs and bring improvements so the user may have a smooth experience. Jio4GVoice is compatible with the updated iOS 11.3 firmware.

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JioFiber’s 1.1 TB of Data

MyJioThere are many surprises that are coming for the Jio fans, Reliance Jio is very clear on the path that it has paved for the data war in India telecom hemisphere with taking down all the major one in the mobile connectivity, it has built a reputation for the brand and Jio for sure has more smile on the customer than any other telecoms in India.

After making such disruption Jio is back to the old school Broadband arena, which is quite rusted with old players making no moves. JioFiber is a new player in the arena which is backed up a very strong infrastructure that is growing day by day.

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Extra 8 GB for Cricket Season – Jio

Jio is pouring tons of offers to both new and existing users. With the IPL trend in the digital streaming options easily available. Many users are using their mobile devices to get the live action via their mobile devices. And JIo is powering this phenomenon and doing it’s best to get the action and users get the max out of it.

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Ultimate Offer on Jio Dongle with CashBack

Jio is striking once again with a cashback mela. 4G penetration is in the all-time high, with the mobile internet being a part and parcel of the current modern world, people are looking for affordable yet reliable internet connection to keep the digital world running for them.

Reliance Jio has taken up the mobile internet sector and it’s now looking fearless on one of the most undiscovered yet vast sectors that many youngsters and working professional are using that the dongle space. Continue reading

How to check Jio Phone Delivery Status

Jio Phone is bringing the next telecom revolution in the India subcontinent. Reliance Jio with its great 4G packs got hold of almost 50 % of smartphone users in the country and the market got saturated because of the 4G devices very less and the people in many other parts of tier 3 and tier 4 cities where mostly relying on their feature phones.

So, in order to grow the market share, the only way to get a new customer is to use the ultimate weapon that is a 4G powered feature phone that has all the features and simple for the regular people to use. That’s when the Jio Phone was introduced. After the launch, it was selling like hot cakes and Reliance Jio had taken a pre-booking and then promised to deliver the handset with a deadline. Continue reading

JioFiber : All you need to Know

MyJioAfter smashing the wireless telecom sector in India subcontinent, the Oil giant Reliance is now getting ready for the next phase of disruption in the new sector, that hasn’t been reinvented for the past few decades that is Broadband sector for the regular users.

Indian broadband sector is so pathetic that it’s having the state-run BSNL which shares a lot of coverage and provides a wide coverage but with a very very low-speed limitation, hence this sector is now being targeted by Reliance for improving the scenario and then beating the competitor out of it.

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How to make Video Call in Jio4GVoice App

Jio is already made great changes in the Indian Telecom market, it has made the deals good for the customer and the pressure on the other telecoms are at its peak. People nowadays have used to the unlimited call scenario and the times of Ratecutter, Talktime is gone. You are specified with a single pack for all the needs from the old Text SMS to the 4G data.

But some devices are not ready for the change as they don’t have VoLTE support to get the things done for 4G calling and then enjoying the features of the Jio. So they created an app called Jio4GVoice that allows you to run the calls via 4G data rather than the traditional call method. Continue reading

How to Generate Jio SIM Barcode

Reliance Jio is out in the wild for a pretty long time and many have purchased new Jio SIM and are enjoying the benefits of Jio offers.The benefits of Jio offer includes Unlimited calls, Unlimited data usage till FUP, free text message and many bundled apps with great subscription offers for the first 3 months with good value for the money.

But still, there are few people who haven’t tried these, hence its a brief guide for the people who are getting started with the first Jio SIM purchase.

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