Effects of JIO in Indian Internet Arena


Reliance JIO has already made disruptive changes in the way Indians use the data. The level of data consumption has risen up four folds in the past year and the major contributor to this development was none but Jio’s 4G rollout.

According to the Internet Trends published by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, the consumption of data has risen from 200 Million GB in June 2016 to 1.3 Billion GB in March 2017. The major bandwidth consumption was taken up by the apps in the entertainment sector with Music streaming apps having a 3X growth and video streaming apps having a 4X growth.

The voice revenue has declined by 4 % from the past and Jio doesn’t seem to make any revenue on this sector has its bundled all the services in terms of data-centric and it will interesting to see how the other operators take this and move part.

Data Usage by Music and Video streaming apps
Internet Trends 2016

The considerable things that have changed after the launch of Jio services are the cost per GB has been rapidly reduced. The past 9 months was a rough time for the Indian Telecom Industry because Jio was in full fledge to conquer the 4G user to its services and other major services such Vodafone and Bharathi Airtel were in the rapid phase of rolling out new schemes and discounts to retain its customer base.
With the investment of 25 Billion dollars in the backbone of the network, Jio has absolute power to continue disrupting the Indian Telecom mediums in the future. With such great platform and the consumer base Jio would be able to easily sell it’s over the top services to its customers such as Jio TV and Music streaming.
Currently, there is a stagnant in the Customer acquisition for all the services providers because of the less availability of 4G devices that are currently available in the market. Hence, Reliance JIO is targeting the OEM to build cheap 4G ready devices and push it over the market.

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