Extra 8 GB for Cricket Season – Jio

Jio is pouring tons of offers to both new and existing users. With the IPL trend in the digital streaming options easily available. Many users are using their mobile devices to get the live action via their mobile devices. And JIo is powering this phenomenon and doing it’s best to get the action and users get the max out of it.

Already Reliance Jio has given out much value for money packs with great data and unlimited calls, SMS. People nowadays a using a lot of data because of the streaming and downloading of movies and other content for the devices.

The average data consumed by the users are increasing day by day and video plays a major part in it. So many telecom operators have understood this and are using a range of offers that give bundle data users a top-up to get more usage for the particular days.

Cricket Season Pack:

Jio with it’s more and more sponsorship with all the IPL teams are steaming up to use this scenario to get more user into the usage of Data plans. So Jio introduced a much-awaited plan called “Cricket Season Pack”. It offers a 2 GB data per day for the validity of 51 days which is the actual count of IPL match days that is going happen.
And now it has widened the opportunity for this plan by adding a data range worth 8GB to the count making that users to able to use this plan for the amount 51 days before it expires.

So this is gonna benefit the average to heavy data users how daily reached their capped data limit, so if you are one among them, you can get this new pack and enjoy the data when after the limit has been reached.

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