Is Jio a Seconday SIM?

The Ambani-led 4G network, Reliance Jio has a huge growth in the past couple of months, the network has acquired around 110+ subscribers in the past. This hype was mostly because of the cheap data tariffs and the benefits that were offered by the network.

Secondary SIM:

The developing country market has this trend for the secondary SIM concept. The secondary SIM was preferred by working professional, to space out between the work and personal life. But later the Secondary SIM trend diverted in the Indian telecom space, as people get stuck to the Good operator based on the location, and use the secondary SIM as an offer grabber.

Secondary SIM is used as an offer grabber, people swap the secondary SIM for the best network offer available in the current stage across the network.

Not only Jio, many telecoms have been a victim of this kind of secondary sim-syndrome. For example, person X is using high-end smartphone with dual SIM capability, and he would be using the best operator (this a vary from person to person) and in the second sim slot, he would be using the SIM card that provides him great call or data offers based on his usage.

According to the reports by Velocity MR, a Bangalore-based firm, only 18 % of the subscribers use Reliance Jio as a stand alone SIM, while other 82 % use it as the secondary SIM. This is mostly because of the frequent outage and the call drops that happen across the Jio network. Once the network is back to the stable state, the people which soon migrate from the second state to the primary state. But Reliance Jio needs to get a trust to move into this space.

Let’s wait and watch for the growth of Reliance Jio across these states.


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