Jio Effects: Who gets What?

The rise of 25 billion dollars backed network has both its advantages and disadvantages. The rise of Reliance Jio in the Indian market has turned the table upside down for many competitors in the market. While many rejoice the benefits of the new player in the market, there are competitors who are going through a rough time.

Jio’s bundled plan has unlimited voice and data at FUP. Hence its a perfect choice for an ideal smartphone customer in Indian. Indian prefer voice call over the text and other means of communication. With unlimited calls to all network, Reliance Jio has hit hard in the big head revenue for its competitors. This makes subscriber the true winner of this battle between the telcos.

On the other side, there are small scale networks which are struggling in the middle of the sea by this Jio wave. The small scale network like Aircel, MTNL, Tata Teleservices managed its customers by offering some good services and plans ideal for the customer at affordable rates before the so-called “Unlimited  X ” season. By this, these telecoms were able to run successfully but after the Jio effects, these things have changed.

So, what made the small networks lose its war against the Jio and Airtel. The major reason for lagging behind these are investments. Both Jio and Airtel has spent worth king ransom on developing its 4G ready network across pan India and making it future ready. While on the other hand, it’s not a case for small telecoms.

These Big telecoms follow invest now earn later model but others to trying to hard to run.

The other parameters like Geolocation restriction, promotions budgets and partnership also plays a major role in the fall of these paltry networks.

Winners: Subscribers, who warm themselves under the war of telecoms in the huge battlefield.

Let’s wait and watch for how this battle goes along in the upcoming days to precise the benefits of the subscribers.

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