Jio4GVoice for PC

Reliance Jio is 4G only network, that was launched in September 2016 in India. After the launch, Jio was in a great pace of acquiring new users to its consumer base.
Many users started moving to Reliance Jio because it offered valuable plans for its customer. The important plans where bundling of both data and voice at very cheap rates, hence making it a handcrafted of Indian youths. Yes, its offers Unlimited voice calls and enough data for people at cheap rates.

Ji4Gvoice was launched by Jio for the customer to make the call from the devices without direct voLTE support.

Here is a simple guide to get Jio4Gvoice on PC:

  1. You can get an emulator to run the app on the device
  2. You can then download the app. Get the Jio4GVoice app here.
  3. You can sign to Jio4Gvoice app using the Jio mobile number .Note: You must have an active Jio connection in order to get the app working on the device.
  4. Once you have installed the app on the device, you can use the smart dialer on the app to make calls from it.

Features of Jio4GVoice app:

  • The Jio4GVoice app allows you unlimited calls to all your friends on any network.
  • It offers a great quality of call as the transmission is done over the LTE network.
  • Jio4Gvoice also offers conference up to 6 members on HD video calling.
  • The app also allows to text messages for free and share doodles across the friends in-app.

You can get the Jio4Gvoice app here.

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