JioFiber : All you need to Know

MyJioAfter smashing the wireless telecom sector in India subcontinent, the Oil giant Reliance is now getting ready for the next phase of disruption in the new sector, that hasn’t been reinvented for the past few decades that is Broadband sector for the regular users.

Indian broadband sector is so pathetic that it’s having the state-run BSNL which shares a lot of coverage and provides a wide coverage but with a very very low-speed limitation, hence this sector is now being targeted by Reliance for improving the scenario and then beating the competitor out of it.

Rather than the Mobile Telecom sector, this broadband is too different that requires a lot of investments because of the groundwork that is required to establish a good and stable network for the customer to come and experience a good and fast internet.

Reliance JIo is aiming to have this and are investing a lot of money and then building its own ecosystem for the user to engage with other via IoT devices and communicate with them.

So Reliance has started to develop the required infrastructure in all parts of the country with a Fiber optic cables for ultra speed broadband connection.
As the rumors state the JioFiber will offer unlimited internet with a FUP with 1000 GB or more and it will be at the steal deal for sure.
Also as the case of Jio, we can expect a trial run for this to happen in all part of the country without any costs.

Status of Reliance Broadband:

Currently, as per the report that is available on the internet, Reliance is already testing the version of JioFiber in any city and it will be available in the later or early 2019.

All these things are great for the customer because they get benefits in the new plans and great service for the providers.

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