JioFiber’s 1.1 TB of Data

MyJioThere are many surprises that are coming for the Jio fans, Reliance Jio is very clear on the path that it has paved for the data war in India telecom hemisphere with taking down all the major one in the mobile connectivity, it has built a reputation for the brand and Jio for sure has more smile on the customer than any other telecoms in India.

After making such disruption Jio is back to the old school Broadband arena, which is quite rusted with old players making no moves. JioFiber is a new player in the arena which is backed up a very strong infrastructure that is growing day by day.

What is JioFiber:

JioFIber is the broadband connectivity from Reliance that uses Fiber optic cable for high connectivity to all part of the world. Mostly all big players in the market are currently serving the customer with a very low speed. So Jio is trying to take this advantage and move on conquering the wide user base.

How to get JioFiber:

Currently, under the test plans, Jio is being opted in the users on the trail plans to people in selected cities, it is same as that of people who are using it for Reliance Jio connection. By this JioFiber is played smartly.
If you are available to get the JioFiber connection, at first you will be asked to pay a sum of a security deposit and you will be given a wireless router for connecting the devices.

Current Plans:

As far as the report that is circulating in the web, the initial plan is offered with 40 GB of data at the speed of 100 Mbps and then you can avail the top up of 40 GB for a count of 25 times. Making the whole package of 1.1TB for the user.
By this user can get a ton of content for absolutely cheap rates.

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