Ultimate Offer on Jio Dongle with CashBack

Jio is striking once again with a cashback mela. 4G penetration is in the all-time high, with the mobile internet being a part and parcel of the current modern world, people are looking for affordable yet reliable internet connection to keep the digital world running for them.

Reliance Jio has taken up the mobile internet sector and it’s now looking fearless on one of the most undiscovered yet vast sectors that many youngsters and working professional are using that the dongle space.

Some people like to keep their mobile device and the wireless dongle with two different plans and based on the needs. These type of user usually are mostly average to heavy data user who looks up for the best services to get the job done. Hence for these kinds of people, the Jio Dongle is the best choice.

Features of Jio Dongle:

Jio 4G dongle allows you to enjoy unlimited data with great speed and reliable network coverage.
You can simultaneously connect up to 32 devices of different range such as Mobile, TV, Laptops and IoT devices.
You also get a great backup for the battery lasting up to a daytime of moderate usage.
You will also be able to make calls via this device with an external app called Jio4GVoice from any Android powered device.

How to Cashback offer:

You need to buy a brand new Jio Wifi dongle from the Jio Store for Rs.999.

After the buying, you need to hand over the old dongle and then use the new purchase ID to get the discount for the account.

Once this is you will be credited with the cash back to the Jio App and you can use to do recharge for it.

You need to do a simple basic recharge and by the Prime membership for the cashback credited.

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