Was Jio Prime a Success?

Reliance Jio has a unique way of retaining this customer base. Earlier in the testing phase which was been there for a year, and may customers gained access to Reliance Jio even before the official launch.

Reliance Jio started with a plan to give way great offers at zero price and many customers were enjoying unlimited data at the testing phase, there were virtually zero caps on the data and people started getting excited by other services of Jio such as JioTV, magazine etc.

And in order to convert this free user and get a new user into the network, Jio Prime was officially revealed. Jio prime is membership from Reliance Jio that offers great offers and features to your existing Jio SIM. The Jio Prime membership offers access to Prime only plans like 309,509 and other plans. Jio Prime also has free access to Jio platform apps like JioTV, Jio Music and etc.

According to the reports published by bofaML (Bank of America Merrill Lynch ), around 90 % of Jio subscriber has opted for the Jio Prime membership. This a great success of the new operator.

The most preferred data plan that the people are using is the Rs.303 plan. The 303 plan offers unlimited calls, SMS and 1 GB of data. The data cap is set to 1 GB per day and after the FUP limit the data speed to cut 128 Kbps. This plan has also the benefits of Jio services until March 31, 2018.

The survey also states that the user are still experiencing the issues with call connectivity across the other networks and Jio is pushing its limit to handle this issues with TRAI.

Also, 80 % of the Jio users are having only one sim and have also paid their monthly top ups.


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